Staffing Services

We provide Staff Augmentation services for contractual hiring, contract-to-hire & permanent basis. We do set up a complete lab in India of dedicated team which will work exclusively for a specific client on full time basis; this kind of service helps our clients to get the project done in time & at much lower cost. Staff augmentation can help organizations to focus on their business rather than invest time & money in looking for desired skilled people. Moreover it is highly painful when the consultant leaves the project in between & negotiates for higher compensation; this can easily be avoided by outsourcing staffing.

Project Hiring is a recruiting engagement for large-scale hiring programs, defined by specific start and end dates. Consider Jobline Project Hiring as your partner for best-in-class recruiting strategies that deliver the most qualified talent.

  • Needing to hire high volume, fast
  • Launching a new offering
  • Opening a new facility
  • Recruiting talent not actively in the job market
  • Hiring talent across a broad geography
  • Requiring a proactive sourcing strategy to stay competitive
  • Wanting better quality hires
  • Working with cost constraints & time demands
  • Augmenting internal HR's skills or band width
  • Needing to shift to lower, more variable cost structure
  • Wanting consistent recruiting and hiring processes that utilize technology to the fullest

The ability to quickly and accurately assess job candidates online and over the phone saves time and money over conventional screening methods. Each client-customized screening program is designed with a two-tiered approach; the first tier ensures candidates have the requirements to do the job and the second tier accesses behavioral characteristics.

The selected consultant joins the project on scheduled time & rest of the hassles including payroll, taxes etc. are being taken care of by us. Hence contractual hiring becomes a perfect solution for clients for their IT needs.

Process being followed for contractual hiring:

  • We understand the client's requirement.
  • Shortlist profiles based on the requirements.
  • We coordinate interaction between the client & the consultant.
  • Final decision on selection is done by the client.
  • Contract is signed between the client & us.
  • The consultant joins the project on scheduled date.

The ability to quickly and accurately assess job candidates online and over the phone saves time and money over conventional screening methods. Contract-to-Hire Services are similar to Contract Services with an advantage of having the consultant on client's payroll after defined duration. This gives another advantage to client in terms of monitoring the performance of the consultant before hiring him full time. Initially the consultant remains on project through Mentorus & then client can hire him on permanent basis after working for a minimum numbers of hours working with Mentorus. All the terms & conditions including hourly rate, time period & hiring fee are decided in the beginning & are part of the agreement between Mentorus & the client.

Permanent services are very useful specially for the clients:

  • Not having enough recruiting resources for their IT needs.
  • Do not have access to the consultants of their competition.
  • Ramy charges one time nominal fee for providing the right consultant for permanent hire. The process for hiring remains the same as of the contractual one.

Training & Development

We believe in a learning organization, where learning is a continuous process. There is room for those driven by the zeal to surpass their peers and most importantly, themselves.

We mix and match intensive training with equal thrust on job skills and behavioral development. Group therapies and seminars are organized to encourage professional rapport and keep employee morale running high. We realize the value that people add to our organization and formulate policies that take into consideration individual needs and benefits.

Some of the activities that make Training & Development a continuous process:

  • Conduct Focused Management Development Programs at the premium Management Development Center
  • Continuous skill up-gradation on new emerging technologies
  • Behavioral Training Programs offered to enhance personal and professional effectiveness of our clients:
    • Customer orientation
    • Team work
    • Communication
    • Customer orientation
    • Self development
  • We engage the best faculties in the field for conducting the programs. We also make use of training events offered by premium management institutions.